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All about Stew

Please note – Stew magazine has ceased publication from July 2016. Please do not attempt to subscribe.


Stew is a bi-monthly magazine for inquisitive young minds that launched in January 2014. Aimed at children aged 8 to 12, it is educational but not stuffy, fun without being trivial, and inspiring rather than worthy.

Each issue includes articles that complement the school curriculum. And as many of the topics we write about won’t be covered in the classroom, Stew plays an important role in broadening a child’s education.

All the features are written in a lively, engaging style, and each one is illustrated with specially commissioned drawings by some of the country’s most talented artists.

Our topics on History tell gripping stories capturing the human drama behind momentous events.

The Science features get behind the hard facts to answer those questions that puzzle every child.

Our World articles include fascinating stories about cultures and lifestyles, as well as informative features on natural phenomena.

And on the Arts pages, we look at everything that stimulates a child’s cultural life, from film to theatre through to writing and music.

On top of all that, Stew is packed with items to stimulate a youngster’s imagination, including pages of puzzles and brain-teasers and a step-by-step guide to creating their own impressive-looking drawings.

In every issue, we review the latest books and interview top authors writing for this age group. We have pages of news and a round-up of the best events and activities across the country.

There are short works of fiction – each with a sting in its tale – written especially for Stew by some of our best writers, plus amusing comic-strip stories.

And, because we know that children at this age are grappling with many emotions and sometimes difficult feelings, we have a personal advice page, where a professional counsellor replies to questions dealing with personal, moral and ethical issues.

Unlike many of today’s throwaway comics, Stew is written and designed to be kept and treasured. We know children love going online – but we also know how much they enjoy holding a printed magazine in their hands, and the thrill they get when each new issue drops through the letterbox in a sealed package personally addressed to them.

Stew is published six times a year. An annual subscription costs just £20 and makes a great gift for any child aged eight and over. Individual issues are available at selected stockists, but to be sure of obtaining a copy at a great discount, go to our subscriptions page.