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Please note – Stew magazine has ceased publication from July 2016. Please do not attempt to subscribe.

Get children reading with Stew – and make money for your school!


Stew has launched a scheme to help teachers develop children’s literacy – and generate much-needed cash for their classrooms at the same time.

This bi-monthly magazine is full of informative features on the arts, science, history and world affairs. It also includes short stories, news pages and puzzles, and stimulates creativity by encouraging youngsters to submit their own stories and illustrations.

Since its launch in January 2014, the magazine has been widely praised by parents, schools and the media, with the Daily Telegraph saying: ‘Its illustrations are brilliant, its prose lucid and literate’.

Each school that receives the magazine can take part in Stew’s Get Children Reading campaign.

How the scheme works:

After subscribing to Stew, your school will be given a unique code. If you like the magazine, simply tell parents and carers about it and mention the code. Your school will then get a percentage of every order that quotes the code. The more people you encourage to subscribe, the more your school will earn.

What your school will get:

An annual subscription is just £20. Your school will make £2 from every order that quotes your unique code. We will collate your sales data and send you regular payments.

 To take part, just follow these instructions.

  1. Click on the schools’ subscription page at
  2. Enter your school’s details
  3. In the School ID box, write: Get Children Reading
  4. Go to checkout.

Once we’ve received confirmation of your order, we’ll email you your unique code.

To help you, we’ve included a template letter here that you can copy and paste to parents and carers if you wish:

Dear Parents and Carers

Please join us in a scheme that not only aims to promote children’s literacy and learning but will also raise money for the school.

[Your school’s name] recently subscribed to Stew, an educational magazine for 8-12 year olds that encourages a love of reading with its lively mix of informative features, short stories and engaging articles.

If you also take out an annual subscription to Stew – for only £20 – a percentage of that sale will be given back to the school. Just follow the link here and in the School ID box enter the school’s unique code xxxxxxxx.